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BELINDA FOX - Cultivate

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Collaboration with Belinda Fox. Arthouse Gallery, 5–26 June 2021

Belinda Fox’s exhibition, ‘Cultivate,’ suggests something essential about our present moment. After eight and a half years living abroad, Fox recently uprooted her life and returned to Australia in the heat of Covid. And the reality of this uprooting inevitably migrates into her work. “A lot of the show is about trying to settle, and trying to find the calm within the chaos,” Fox explains. Yet looking across the exhibition and the artist’s prints, paintings, and ceramics, one soon realises that Fox’s search for equilibrium does not reveal itself in an obvious picturing of this experience—rather, it is a pursuit that is embedded in her process and hums at the edge of her artworks. Equilibrium is not forced. Instead, it is gently yet firmly cultivated and sown in each of the Fox’s pieces.

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